Smokin Joe's Trailers is the number one Food Concession Trailer dealer in the central US and all of Texas. We have a full range of food concession trailer and bbq smoker trailers for sale as well as custom cargo trailers to meet your every need. BBQ to pizza to burgers to tacos, Smokin Joe's Trailers is committed to delivering you a quality product at an affordable price in the shortest possible wait time!

Smokin Joe’s Trailers is 7 years old and founded by a man who loved selling food. The founder, kyle yuchinski, bought a concession truck and within 6 months paid off the note, bought a food park, and began selling food trailers to the public.
a large guarantee SJT makes three guarantees that no other competitor makes. The first is to support you even after the sale. Our support for you and your business doesn’t stop when the last payment is made. Our second promise is to offer you tons of information prior to the sell so that you can make an informed decision, and the third is to support you during the sale.

SJT is the #1 Concession Trailer dealer in Texas and one of the top dealers the U.S. We have a rich background in the concession trailer business and have a full range of trailers for sale. From BBQ to pizza, burgers, or tacos, SJT is committed to delivering what you need, how you need it, when you need it, and at the supreme quality you deserve!

All SJT trailers are built to national food safety standards and concession trailer code, and go through a rigorous quality control test before delivery. When you buy from SJT, you are literally buying from the best.

we are sjt built to national safety standards
what you need to know and what you know you need

SJT has an extended history in building and customizing trailers to best suite our partner’s needs, but what we specialize in most is telepathy.


Most of our customers never verbalize wanting insulated walls to keep them cool during the dog days of summer and hot in the briskness of winter, but we know that anyone who cooks food prefers to be comfortable in their kitchen.

Pressure sealed & tested

Weather sealed & tested

Placed in a rain chamber & tested for leaks

Upgraded to LED lighting (2018 Models)

Upgraded to 110 & 12V circuits (2018 Models)

Treated undercarriage

Professionally welded and tested

Warrantied through manufacturer

highest quality on the market
sjt custom products

Smokin Joe’s Trailers is able to customize to your needs. Need something you don’t see here? Contact us today, and we will get it for you!

We have partnered with some great companies that provide financing options and Insurance options so that you can get the custom trailer you have been waiting for!

Looking for something specific or just have a general question? Call us  or email us today!


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